Our Strategy

How Do We Work?



First Contact

We set up a meeting with you to…listen and learn all about your business

  • Then we…evaluate all of the information we learned
  • From there we… research your competitors
  • Then we…put it all together and compile an objective analysis
This step is all about getting to know your business and goals in order for us to clearly understand your biggest marketing challenge and competitive advantage.


Report & Planning

We follow up with a meeting to review our findings and analysis.  We work with you to set goals and recommend strategies that will deliver qualified leads.  We meet with your sales team to ensure they clearly understand any promotions being offered as well as train staff on proven methods to quickly move prospects through the sales cycle. 


Planning & Strategy

Marketing at its best…the implementation…where we turn concepts into reality and leads into residents. The Bayshore team will recommend a budget that will deliver impressions, clicks, and conversions. We'll create engaging ads that are keyword and content rich that will match terms potential customers most often use when researching or searching the internet for the services you offer. This is where the magic happens and qualified leads become “engaged”with your business!


Digital Campaign Set-Up

Setting up a successful digital campaign can requires skill, expertise, and experience. The digital team at Bayshore Marketing Group has over two-decades of experience and manage hundreds of successful digital campaigns. We will set up multiple campaigns for the services or products your business offers. We review ad campaigns, budgets, and analyze all data on a daily basis and revise and optimize as needed.


Customer Connect

We believe the key to building long-lasting and loyal relationships is to create an emotional connection between you and your potential customers. Within the digital space, we create a need for visitors to engage with your sales department. Creating a connection that appeals to consumers on a personal level is our unique way of converting visitors into paying customers.


Results & Analysis

We don't just report results, we analyze every single metric.  We evaluate content, reach, clicks, conversions, cost per click, cost per conversion, cost per channel, and more to determine if conversions result in sales and what your cost per conversion (or acquisition) is.

Let the experts at Bayshore Marketing Group review your current strategies and see how we can improve them to drive more business through your doors!

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