Search Engine Optimization

How important is your blog? Imagine what will happen to your ranking if you stopped blogging. A blog is a vital investment in online marketing. When coupled with SEO translates to improved search visibility. But how does blogging assist in boosting SEO and Google Rankings?

New Content

How often do you introduce new content on your site? Search engines work well with quality, unique and fresh content. If you are looking to improve your ranking you need to have fresh content. Potential customers are on the lookout and a company with updated relevant information will be higher in search results.

Studies have shown that regular blogs help in building relationships with customers and readers. Therefore, if you can portray yourself or your company as an expert by providing new and informative content, you not only get readers and followers, but Google will also use it to index your website.

Blogging Utilizes Backlinking

Essentially, a backlink is created when one website links to another. Often, backlinking is thought of as one of the SEO techniques that raise eyebrows since Google promised a slap on the wrist for those found using dubious link schemes. However, does this threat prevent you from reaching out to legit companies and blogs for links?

Using links from legitimate, reputable, and popular sites in your blogs can help improve your SEO rankings. Both websites (yours and the ones you link to) can benefit from backlinking. You should also ensure you link your blog to sites of a similar niche.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is when a well-known and reputable blogger in your niche does a guest post on your blog. A bit ago there was a lot of talk that guest blogging is gone. Fortunately, nothing can be further from the truth. Guest blogs can be a game changer in as far as visibility and SEO ranking is concerned. Here is the catch, work with reputable bloggers with a solid background and experience in their industry.

The technique works well if you are vigilant when recruiting bloggers. You need to look beyond the interview, investigate their backgrounds, and check their previous submissions to ensure you get reliable, unique, and quality content.

New Face of Keywords

Previously keywords played a significant role when blogging to improve Google rankings. Writers would spend time and energy cramming keyword phrases and putting them anywhere in the content. Currently, keywords have a different approach.

Instead of relying on the keyword placement, why don’t you focus on answering questions? Employ the use of long tail keyword phrases that potential clients use when searching for information.

Blog Popularity

When blogging your aim should be to impress, inform, and entertain readers. A good blog post will be shared. This will increase your exposure as well as help validate you as an expert in your field and generate interest in your services.

Popularity creates traffic that improves your Google rankings. There is no better way of gaining popularity than by creating engaging, unique content aimed at answering readers’ questions.

Images, Videos, and Social Media

For your blog to improve your ranking, you need to tap into social media. Google returns and shows social media searches. The best way to boost SEO through social media is to employ search terms in Meta descriptions, images, and videos. It is worth mentioning that you must tag your videos and pictures with suitable search terms before sharing.