Project Details

Upon a recent visit to the school, the Bayshore Team noticed the school was celebrating its 60th year.  We went back to our office, brainstormed and within 48 hours proposed a 60 for 60 fundraising campaign.  Our services were completely unsolicited, however, we felt compelled to propose a fundraising campaign we were confident would not only bring in donations, it would allow alumni to reconnect with the school.  The idea was to ask all alumni to donate $60 to support faith-based Catholic education and the legacy of St. Petersburg Catholic High School.
The 60 for 60 Campaign offered donors four options for gift allocation:
  1. Tuition Assistance
  2. Instructional & Learning Enhancement
  3. Student Life Programming
  4. The Fund For St. Petersburg Catholic (Annual Fund)
All 60 for 60 donors will be recognized on the 60 for 60 plaque, centrally placed in the lobby of our Administration Building, recognizing donors for their investment in Catholic High school education in the city of St. Petersburg.  Donors would also receive an invitation to the 60 for 60 Celebration, which will be held in early 2018.
Our mission was to reach our goal by delivering a successful campaign with a targeted strategy that touched and converted potential donors.  We tailored their audience into segments and tailored conversion strategies to each segment to drive results. Our minimum goal for this campaign was $6,000.  The client didn’t anticipate more than $10,000.  See our accomplishments below! We created content that was tailored to each audience segment, reached out to every audience segment using media platforms that they were most likely to use, and started a conversation by retouching and retargeting those audience segments. Over the course of 3 months (October – December 2017), using a mix of email marketing, video marketing, social media, and promotion at events, we were able to raise over $40,000!

The results:

  • Raised $41,375.67  from 190 donors
  • Generated 4,019 clicks to the 60 for 60 donation page

Email Marketing

  • 274 Unique Clicks
  • 11 Emails Sent
  • 37% Open Rate

Social Media Metrics*

  • 80,429 Impressions
  • 2,222 Engagements
  • 351 Clicks
*Metrics are for 60 for 60 posts on SPC’s Twitter, Facebook (both Alumni and Regular pages), Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts during the course of the campaign (October – December 2017).