Project Details

Resort Rentals, a vacation rental company based in St. Petersburg, Florida, came to Bayshore Marketing Group for a cost effective alternative to increase bookings and bolster awareness of their company during the slowest time of year. Resort Rentals did not believe social media would impact their business or would bring new website traffic however we were able to significantly increase their social media presence and increase the amount of clicks to their website within three months. Focus was on clicks to website and increasing followers on Facebook. Over the course of 3 months we increased their Facebook fans by 12% (+1,315 likes) Increased traffic to the Resort Rentals website by 33%
Bayshore managed Resort Rentals
  • Facebook account
  • Twitter account
  • Instagram account
  • LinkedIn account
Other highlights:
  • Increased Facebook Impressions by 312%
  • Increased Facebook Engagements by 432%
  • Gained 244,637 impressions across all profiles
  • Gained 9,265 engagements
  • Gained over 3,000 link clicks