Project Details

The Northeast Florida Healthcare Coalition was formed in 2013 and includes Nassau, Duval, Baker, Clay, Flagler and St. Johns Counties. The goal of the Coalition is to promote and enhance the emergency preparedness and response capabilities of the healthcare systems in member Counties and the region in general. Bayshore Marketing Group’s goal was to significantly increase Coalition membership in four months and increase overall brand awareness within the region. NEFLHCC was very happy that we were able to increase membership by over 96% in just four months and has asked us to stay on to work with them to increase membership in other coalitions under their supervision. We were able to accomplish these goals through the following. Research + Discovery:
  • Identified over 700 medical and healthcare facilities in their region (narrowed down)
  • Researched and acquired over 345 email addresses for those facilities
  • Contacted 444 facilities by phone or email
    • Master list had 623 facilities
      • Remaining 179 Facilities were not of priority for NEFLHCC
  • Composed content, curated copy, and created graphic design drafts for trifold for review.
    • Gathered feedback and finalized trifold design
    • Produced and delivered marketing trifold
  • Designed printable Membership Request Form
  • Designed Membership Survey
  • Crafted five letters to send out to potential Coalition Members at various stages of the notification process
  • Crafted Welcome Letter to send to New Official Members
  • Crafted and Sent out newsletters
  • Crafted and Sent out member survey