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Volunteering with Edwards Family Foundation

The Bayshore Marketing Group team volunteered this past weekend with our wonderful client, Edward's Family Foundation. The 16th Annual Holiday Fundraising Drive provides toys and treats for a true Christmas experience to over 200 underserved families, which includes...

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How to Market a Nonprofit Business

How to market a nonprofit business. Learning how to market a nonprofit business is no different than any other for-profit business. They both have the same goal of making money. The major difference is how that money is generated. When marketing a nonprofit business...

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How A Visit to an Old High School Raised Over $40,000

When St. Petersburg Catholic High School opened its doors on 9th Avenue North as Bishop Barry in 1957, the faith-based educational institution set forth with a mission to cultivate the spirit, mind, and body of its students. With a history of love, unconditional care...

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