You will be absolutely amazed to see what some famous brands paid for their iconic logos. See Here . Your logo is your brand, the face of your business, and what you are recognized for. It is so important when redesigning/rebranding your logo you do it right. BMW recently redesigned its logo to a more “trendy minimalist” approach, however, it was met with a lot of push back from car enthusiasts. This logo redesign lost its feeling of elegance and luxury that they had been known for over the years. Click here to see some logo redesign FAILS!

Is it time for you to update your logo? Our design team has years of experience and can show you hundreds of stunning brand logos we’ve designed through the years. Ask yourself:

1.) Is your current logo legible, clear, and simple?

2.) Can you use it in various formats? Print? Social media? Website? Digital?

3.) Is it visibly appealing with character?

4.) Does your logo represent the industry you are in and is it timeless?

A logo redesign can take a few days to months depending on how many revisions and how many people have an opinion as to the final product. One thing you should know is, no matter when you decide to rebrand, you need to go to the experts.

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