It was at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic our social media management team quickly realized we needed to help our senior living communities tell their story better than we had ever before.  With senior living communities in lock down, and no outside visitors allowed, we needed to keep loved ones informed, and potential residents what life was like at the communities we managed.  We needed REAL-TIME pictures and videos from the senior living community staff and administrators in order to accomplish this.    
Introducing PostAssure! 
PostAssure is an easy-to-use social media portal we developed to allow for instant submission of photos and stories to our social media management team. 
Here’s how it works:
1.) Upload pictures you’ve taken or images you want us to share on your social media accounts
2.) Give us a tidbit of information about the images
2.) Hit send
then …POOF!
We do all the work. We post on all your social media sites (correct use of the English language, correct spelling, correct use of hashtags, HIPAA compliant, enhanced imagery, etc)

⏱️ That’s it!  It’s that easy.  Our new social media management portal allowed us to share hundreds of images of loved ones safe and cared for during the Coronavirus pandemic.  We were able to showcase our senior living communities’ lifestyle and stories without a potential new resident ever stepping foot on the property.