Pay per click advertising provides an excellent opportunity for online businesses to grow and expand their influence. PPC, as it is commonly abbreviated, is also referred to as Paid Search Advertising (PSA). PPC is a digital marketing strategy that serves to increase the inbound traffic to your website, blog or ecommerce store.

Significance of PPC

PPC allows you to super target your desired customer or client by using demographic traits and specific keywords. The merits associated with using a PPC program are as follows.

  • Targeted website traffic
  • Advertisers only pay for clicks
  • Flexible schedule – so you can decide when your ads are shown
  • Cost effective – if done right, PPC can be the most cost-effective advertising method
  • Fast and measurable results
  • Increased website traffic once ads are clicked
  • Opportunity to talk directly to a customer by customizing the webpages for the ads they click

Faster Conversions

PPC users have the option of synchronizing with other digital marketing channels for added exposure. The intuitive program is used to build online campaigns that target the unique visitors who visited your website but didn’t purchase any products or convert. To achieve that retargeting endeavor, PPC users get unique cookie codes informing them of the trends and habits of the people who frequent your website. Some platforms will allow you to retarget the consumer, who came to your website, by offering specials or discounts.

When to Avoid PPC

There are instances when it’s not advisable for you to undertake a PPC campaign. For example, you could be selling products with a slight profit margin. It does not add up to spend more on advertising than you stand to gain afterward. Additionally, you don’t have to use PPC programs if you are running an AdSense enabled website. Finally, it is ill-advised for you to undertake the effort if you don’t have adequate knowledge of how to use PPC.

Bayshore Marketing Group has a team of skilled PPC experts who live and breathe Google AdWords and PPC. If you are looking into PPC for your business, give us a call and we can discuss how to get you up and running.

It is essential to invest in a robust digital marketing effort to help your website, blog or ecommerce platform to become profitable. PPC is a proven method of driving targeted traffic to your portal. Millions of small online business owners have used PPC campaigns to increase sales.

Thanks to PPC and analytics tools users are able to track and monitor their website visitors and consequently devise a clever marketing strategy that targets their audience personally.